who we are:

We're just a bunch of busy bees with ZooKazam as our honey pot. As we buzz from the day to day mundane, the core four come together at the end of the day to rejuvenate our creative juices with our personal honey: ZooKazam. What has become a melting pot of each of our talents- art, graphic, technological, and social- we hope to spread our honey for the rest of the smart-phone (and tablet!) community to enjoy as well.

ZooKazam: www.zookazam.com

Be amazed as magical animals come to life right on your phone. Owning a zoo is costly and messy, but ZooKazam has created the solution: an odor-free, hassle-free, maintenance-free virtual zoo. Carry around a baby panda and learn about the very real dangers your newest companion faces: education coexisting with an augmented reality app-ZooKazam brings this unrealized dream to life.

Navid Yavari:
Well-fed artist. Intelligence via NPR. A classically romantic-insomniac with an affinity for fajitas. Married to a woman 20x funnier than me. Manufacturer by day, photoshop black belt by night. Swears by: tea and cereal #teareal.
Moshama Art Toys: www.moshama.com Marjan Yavari:
Gemini. Married to a nature- loving award-winning photographer. Still waiting for the Best Mom Award. Networking Queen. Sidekick: trusty latté. compulsive car dancer. Puts the "M" in multitasking. #FaithFamilyFabulous

MOSHAMA is the traditional Arabic term for plastic.  In modern times, Farsi speakers simply use the word plastic, but old school Persian guys were always more comfortable using the word MOSHAMA. Younger generations of Iranians hardly used this word, so today we are honoring the tradition of our grandparents and bringing back the word MOSHAMA for our art toys.

Reza Alavi:
Ironically named Reza (m. arabic- contentment, satisfaction); self-admitted perfectionist. Quintessential visual artist with a love for color. Believes in the power of sushi. Highly recommends investing in Japanese Toys. #rainbowbear
PAI Industries:

PAI Industries manufactures and distributes heavy duty service components for MACK; FULLER; DETROIT DIESEL; INTERNATIONAL; CUMMINS; CATERPILLAR; EATON; ROCKWELL; TIMKEN. We provide truck parts ranging from  engines, transmissions, differentials, suspensions, clutches, water pumps, gauges, motors and electrical components...

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